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Custom Modular Utility Project Design


Each project is custom engineered to meet your specifications. To begin a project, you work with our application engineers to determine the best process configuration and equipment options for your project’s needs. Systecon’s OEM relationships provide a wide variety of top equipment brands from which to choose your system components.


Once the general configuration is determined, our team of engineers will design the product in the most economic, energy and space-efficient way possible. Our design includes full mechanical, electrical and control engineering for the specific product. Systecon works closely with you on your project and provides you with concept layouts and complete product design documentation -consulting engineers receive a full design submittal for their review and approval. Upon approval, the final design is then assembled by the production group.

Mechanical Design

All Systecon products are designed using the latest version of Autodesk Inventor 3D design software. This allows for the creation of detailed computer models that can be manipulated and updated throughout the design process, helping eliminate errors in production and allowing you to visualize the final product. See examples.

Art rendering of a Systecon modular utility system
Example of Systecon electrical design plan

Electrical Design

The electrical design begins by selecting the large electrical components and determining an overall power supply architecture, including power for large items and their associated starting device. We evaluate the electrical loads required for each section of the system to plan power distribution. We take everything into consideration to create an accurate layout for the system - from footprints for space-consuming electrical components to the necessary wiring and conduit or cable tray locations with room to access all control panels - so our initial concept is an accurate reflection of the final product.

Once the initial concept is approved, we create a detailed design of the electrical system. This includes sizing of every component in the system, including those necessary for our system controls. Single line diagrams are created so that every wire, whether it’s powering a chiller or a light bulb, can be followed to its source.

The result is a fully operational package with all electrical components condensed into a simplified feeder schedule that significantly reduces installation time compared to a traditionally built plant.

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