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Why Modular is Perfect for Multi-Phase Builds

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Why Modular is Perfect for Multi-Phase Builds

By their very nature, modular systems are easily separated and reassembled. This makes expansion and multi-phase builds easy - much easier than with traditional, field-built systems. That’s a major advantage to consider when building a new central plant. Especially if you’re planning for future growth of your operations. Building in multiple phases can help manage and reduce cost since you aren’t paying for components you don’t yet need and the additional costs of operating a larger system than required.

Modular systems can be custom designed to fit specific job requirements. There’s no sacrificing quality or efficiencies. When expansion plans are included in the initial design of a modular central plant, you ensure the most efficient, highest quality system at every phase of your system’s build-out. You have the opportunity for complete system analysis and can thoroughly plan and design each phase of the system for optimization and efficiency. Since all phases are designed and built by the same company, construction standards and component quality are consistent throughout.  

Modular systems are factory-built. Building offsite limits downtime and disruptions to your facility’s operations. It allows the existing plant to continue operating throughout the construction process. You get to plan a schedule – no worries about issues dues to local construction labor shortages or weather delays. Limiting the amount of construction at your site also greatly reduces safety risks and liabilities.

Factory building also allows for factory testing. Each system phase can be tested to ensure the expected performance before delivery. Any issues can be addressed before the system leaves the factory, making each expansion phase is as seamless as possible with a quick installation and start-up process.


Grow with Modular

Modular central plants have many benefits - customization, optimization, cost savings, time savings, etc. - and that doesn’t change when they’re built in multiple phases. When you need a high-quality central plant that can serve the existing load and easily expand to accommodate future growth, modular is the perfect option.

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