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Systecon's Can Creation for Local Food Pantry Contest

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Systecon’s Can Creation for Local Food Pantry Contest

Feb 21, 2023

The Can Creations Sculpture Contest is a fun and creative way to support our community and the Reach Out Lakota food pantry. Sculptures can be any design (big or small, simple or complex) made from non-expired, non-perishable food or hygiene items while keeping packaging and labels intact.


Let’s Build Something Together! 

The contest was an excellent opportunity for Systecon to be more involved in community relations, encouraging employees to join a good cause, build something together and make a positive impact within our neighborhood. 


We held a successful food drive, collecting hundreds of non-perishable food items generously donated by staff.


Systecon’s Can Creation called “OHIO – Find ‘us’ here” is a play on the state’s slogan, “OHIO - Find it here.” The sculpture consists of cans spelling out OHIO, outlining the state border, and one can, topped with a map marker, representing Systecon’s location.

The 361 soup cans used in our design and the other donated items will all go to the Reach Out Lakota food pantry.


The Mission of Reach Out Lakota

Reach Out Lakota is an independent food and clothing pantry that serves the ongoing needs of struggling families throughout West Chester and Liberty Township in Ohio. With a mission to put help and hope into the hands of our community, ROL relies on the West Chester, Liberty Township, and Lakota Local School District communities for financial support, in-kind donations, and volunteers. 


In addition to food and clothing, Reach Out Lakota also accepts monetary donations to purchase meat, produce, and staples like milk and eggs for daily distribution.  


Vote for Your Favorite Can Creation

Voting is open to the public to choose their favorite can creation until February 28, 2023. To vote for Systecon and check out the other entries, go to:


After the contest ends, we will disassemble our sculpture and deliver the canned food to Reach Out Lakota. We appreciate everyone who donated food and helped build our can creation, which in turn helps our neighbors in need. 

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