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Systecon Celebrates 50 Years of Manufacturing Anniversary

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Systecon Celebrates 50 Years of Manufacturing Anniversary

Aug 12, 2021

2021 marks an exciting milestone for Systecon! With fifty years under our belt as a manufacturer and innovator of modular utility systems, Systecon is an industry leader.

Systecon first started as a sales organization in 1949 and began manufacturing modular pump packages in 1971.

While we continue to build pump packages, we have since expanded into custom modular utility solutions including central plants, central plant controls, and our patented VariPrime® and CritiChill® systems. 

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary as a manufacturer of modular utility systems, let’s look at some highlights of Systecon’s innovative developments and milestones.

1984       Developed Wire-to-Water Efficiency.

Systecon developed Wire-to-Water Efficiency in 1984 to determine pump selection and sequencing to optimize the performance of multiple parallel pump systems. Wire-to-Water is a ratio between the electrical energy input to the pumps and the kinetic energy achieved by this input. By optimizing this value for a pump package, operational costs can be reduced while maintaining load requirements.

1995       Trademarked VariPrime

Since the introduction of variable speed drive technology, the bar for efficient hydronic heating and cooling systems has been raised above and beyond primary/secondary pumping systems. Systecon has used the advancements in equipment efficiencies, control capabilities, and application experience to create the new standard in HVAC systems - VariPrime® variable primary pumping.

2005       Developed modular chiller / boiler plants.

Systecon developed modular chiller and boiler plants in response to customers’ needs. Customers were requesting additional equipment, typically chillers, be integrated with VariPrime pumping since Systecon was controlling the chillers. Designed for indoor or outdoor applications, our modular plants are the integration of chillers, boilers, generators, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps, and controls.

2018       Patented CritiChill®.

Systecon developed its patented CritChill® system which uses modular indirect evaporative cooling with a supplemental chiller that can be bypassed as weather conditions dictate. Before CritiChill®, customers had to choose between highly efficient, water-cooled chiller plants OR air-cooled chiller plants that required less water and no chemical treatments. With an adiabatic cooler, the system only uses 20 percent of the water normally required by a traditional cooling tower and without the harmful chemicals.

For the past fifty years, we’ve worked with our customers – including owners, GCs, and consulting engineers to provide them with the best solution for their projects. And we look to our experience and continued innovation in serving our customers for the next fifty years.

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