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Finally! A Complete Cooling Solution

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Finally! A Complete Cooling Solution

Jul 10, 2019

High Efficiency AND Minimal Water Usage


Efficiency or reduced water usage? For too long, you’ve had to sacrifice one or the other when choosing a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller plant. Not anymore. In today’s world it’s necessary to have systems that run as efficiently as possible and properly manage water usage. CritiChill® modular indirect evaporative cooling system does just that. It’s a complete cooling solution that provides efficient cooling AND minimal water usage.


How it Works

CritiChill* uses centrifugal chillers instead of screw chillers and incorporates a supplemental chiller and adiabatic cooler. Able to run in three different modes – mechanical cooling, integrated precooling and free cooling – the system can provide efficiency levels near that of a traditional water-cooled chiller. The supplemental chiller can be bypassed as weather conditions dictate, shutting down when the evaporative cooler can efficiently cool the building and engaging when the evaporative cooler can’t efficiently handle all the cooling needs. With the adiabatic cooler, the system is capable of dry or wet operation and can use 80% less water than normally required by a traditional cooling tower (and without the harmful chemicals).


The Numbers

Compared to a typical air-cooled chiller plant at full load, CritiChill is 30% more efficient (< .54 kw/ton, PUE 1.16). CritiChill can also provide water savings of 15-45% and is California Title 24 compliant without water use.



CritiChill can be an ideal solution for buildings with overhead sensible cooling devices that have warm water delivery. Data centers are a prime example. PLC controls provide the reliability and redundancy required in mission critical applications. Little or no water usage with CritiChill also means little or no water storage.

CritiChill is a modular system so it allows for easy expansion as system needs grow and can be designed for a multi-phase buildout. Being factory-built, systems can be factory tested, so any issues can be addressed before delivery which helps ensure system performance and quality. Many items for start-up and commissioning are also completed before delivery so installation is quick and easy and there is minimal site disruption.

The next time you’re weighing the benefits and limitations of a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller plant, remember there’s another option to consider. CritiChill could be the perfect solution for your next project.

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