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One of Systecon’s many innovations, CritiChill® modular indirect evaporative cooling is a modular chiller solution designed for air-cooled chiller replacement. It provides the efficiency of a water-cooled chiller, the benefit of an integrated economizer, and the easy installation of an air-cooled chiller.

CritiChill® can be applied to many applications and is installed as multiple modules that function cooperatively. This increases redundancy and reliability, making CritiChill® especially beneficial in meeting mission critical and process system needs.

CritiChill® increases the efficiency of a facility by installing only the necessary equipment for the current load while allowing for easy expansion as the cooling requirement increases. This prevents developing a facility based on future load, saving the facility owner cost in the form of revenue.

CritiChill® Technology

  • Closed circuit evaporative cooler with elliptical spiral coils
  • High efficiency screw chiller
  • Optimized free and pre-cooling without heat exchanger
  • VariPrime® variable speed pumping and fan control
  • High-Speed PLC controls
  • Reduced water usage

CritiChill® Advantages

  • 30% Reduction in operating cost over comparable air-cooled chillers
  • 33% Reduction in ton-hours over traditional mechanical cooling systems
  • 50% Reduction in footprint over comparable air-cooled chillers
  • Retrofit for air-cooled installations
  • Higher leaving water temperature available for modern mission critical applications
  • Capacity based on wet bulb, not dry bulb, allowing for an extended range of operation
  • Waterless operation in event of water outage
  • Less maintenance
  • Modular construction
  • Installed and operating quickly
  • Eliminates traditional construction delays

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