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Systecon modular plant

As part of its goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2046, Princeton University sought to utilize geo-exchange technology. Beginning in 2012, the university started assessing its facilities and how to reduce its carbon footprint.

Following a study was a master plan to upgrade Princeton's systems, improve reliability and resiliency, replace aging eq...

By their very nature, modular systems are easily separated and reassembled. This makes expansion and multi-phase builds easy - much easier than with traditional, field-built systems. That’s a major advantage to consider when building a new central plant. Especially if you’re planning for future growt...

Performance testing is vital to ensure the quality and efficiency of any system. That’s why performance testing is a requirement for ALL Systecon systems, regardless of size or application. Our proven factory testing and control procedures, developed from our decades of experience, allow us to guarantee certified performance of our systems. We do e...

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