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2021 marks an exciting milestone for Systecon! With fifty years under our belt as a manufacturer and innovator of modular utility systems, Systecon is an industry leader.

Systecon first started as a sales organization in 1949 and began manufacturing modular pump packages in 1971.

Modular construction is a proven process that’s been used in the HVAC&R industry for decades. Read more about the history, modernization and advancements of modular utility systems in Using Modular to Build for the Future, an article written by Systecon, published in ASHRAE Journal’s June 2020 issue.

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"Innovative Modular Utility Systems" is Construction in Focus Magazine’s latest feature on Systecon.

You can check out the entire issue online (our article starts on p. 90) OR download an easy to print and share PDF of the article

Systecon provided the Central Utility Plant for this Delaware project. Several advantages of going modular include reduced plant delivery time, reduced trade coordination, project cost savings, and performance validation through factory testing. Read the

High Efficiency AND Minimal Water Usage

Efficiency or reduced water usage? For too long, you’ve had to sacrifice one or the other when choosing a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller plant. Not anymore. In today’s world it’s necessary to have systems that run as efficiently as possible and properly manage water usage. CritiChill® modular indirect ev...

We are pleased to announce that Systecon has been acquired by the global energy company ENGIE, the #1 provider of energy services in the world. By joining forces with ENGIE, Systecon is well-positioned to provide a new and broader set of services, as well as

Systecon is profiled in the December 2018 - January 2019 issue of Construction in Focus.  The article, "A Leader in Modular Utility Solutions," is a great introduction to who we are and what we do. You can check out the entire issue here (our

By their very nature, modular systems are easily separated and reassembled. This makes expansion and multi-phase builds easy - much easier than with traditional, field-built systems. That’s a major advantage to consider when building a new central plant. Especially if you’re planning for future growt...

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The Importance of System Controls

When designing a new modular chiller plant, pumping system or multi-system central plant, a lot of focus is put on selecting the right components - pumps, chillers, cooling tower, etc. - to meet project load, efficiency standards and other requirements. However, if you truly want to optimize your system, you hav...

Think modular utility systems will limit the level of efficiency that your project can achieve? It’s actually quite the opposite. Engineers and designers of the most innovative projects, pushing the boundaries of

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