3D Design of Modular Chiller Plant

3D Design of Modular Chiller Plant

All Systecon products are designed using the latest version of Autodesk Inventor 3D design software. 3D design technology allows for the creation of a life-size computer model that can be manipulated and updated rapidly throughout the design process. All construction and fabrication drawings are created using this model which can eliminate errors in construction. 3D models are also an invaluable tool for interacting with clients. Renderings and walkthroughs are available to allow the owner to visualize the final product before its physical completion.


Our electrical concept begins with determination of large electrical components. This includes power for large items such as chillers, pump motors, cooling tower fans, etc. Each of these components will also have an associated controlling device, which is usually a Variable Frequency Drive. Once the large power contributors are identified, we can determine the electrical loads required for each section of the plant to begin planning power distribution. At this point, we can create an accurate layout for the plant which includes footprints for space-consuming electrical components, room to access control panels, and has taken necessary wiring and cable trays into consideration, so that our initial concept is an accurate reflection of the final product.

Once the initial concept is approved we begin a detailed design of the electrical system. This includes sizing of every single component in the plant, including those necessary for our system controls. Single line diagrams are created so that every wire can be followed to its source, whether it is powering a chiller or a light bulb. Control wiring is also accounted for in this stage of design. The end result is a fully operation package with all electrical components condensed into a simplified feeder schedule so that installation is very significantly reduced compared to a traditionally built plant.


Systecon’s controls combine high speed, highly reliable, industrial grade programmable logic controllers (PLCs), a dedicated interface screen, and remote interface devices. This system provides guaranteed performance of all pumps and optimizes plant operation with interfaces to chillers, boilers, and cooling towers. Systecon can offer hundreds of points over standard communication drivers such as BACnet, ModBus, N2 and LonWorks. Systecon provides all the control algorithms required for:

  • Wire to Water Efficiency control for pumps
  • Total VariPrime® system controls for chillers, towers, and valves
  • Multiple package controls for distributed and profile pumping schemes

Systecon’s control is called Interactive Optimization. It provides system optimization to run the plant at its highest. Our interactive screens allow the operators locally and remotely to determine the status of the system by providing real time data for each component. For the financial owners of the plant we provide real time trending of the cost of electrical use per hour, per day, and per month. Finally, we make the most foolproof control systems which are guaranteed to run without failure.