About Systecon


Data Center / Mission Critical

Data center and mission critical facilities are growing in number and increasing the demand for reliable and redundant HVAC solutions. Systecon provides numerous solutions for data centers including modular chiller plants with waterside economizer, CritiChill® modular evaporative cooling and modular pumping systems. SCRIPT controls, an industrial PLC-based platform, offer the most reliable and redundant controls solution for data centers. Performance testing guarantees that the modular plant or pumping system meets specification, reduces field commissioning and shortens the equipment installation schedule.


Systecon has extensive experience in the education market including modular central plants and modular pumping systems for primary and secondary schools, community colleges and universities. Systecon offers the opportunity for a school district to have a single platform across all district buildings. Universities can benefit from Systecon’s pumping expertise to optimize campus operations including central plant integration and distributed pumping.


Systecon’s entertainment experience includes stadiums, arenas, casinos and hotels. These facilities require specific environments to be maintained for customer comfort. Stadiums and arenas have specific peak loads and then, for the majority, operate at non-peak loads. For diverse loads such as these, ice storage, chilled water storage and other shared central systems can be implemented to handle building load. Casinos require strict temperature control for their customer’s comfort. In a highly competitive market, if a casino’s gaming floor temperature varies greatly, customers will find another casino that is more comfortable. With VariPrime pumping and SCRIPT controls, fast response to changes in load and proper flow through the chiller are maintained. With this, casino owners and operators have the temperature control they desire all while lowering operating costs.


The key aspects of any government project include the ability to control costs, on-time delivery and have an efficient system designed to meet today’s environmental requirements. This is especially true with ASHRAE Standard 90.1 being adopted for new and remodeled facilities. Systecon experience includes airports, defense facilities, research facilities and office buildings. With performance testing, projects can use guaranteed efficiencies as a specification item, secure equal bids and then witness test the system prior to shipping and installation.

Health Care

Health care facilities and hospitals require reliability of their HVAC systems to allow for proper care and procedures for their patients. These facilities also provide difficulties for engineers as many have seen numerous upgrades and expansions. A Systecon system can be used to integrate all previous systems and allow for the most efficient system to be put into operation. For new construction, a modular central plant can provide all utilities for a hospital including electricity, steam, hot water and chilled water through cogeneration. In addition, medical gas, compressed air and other hospital specific utilities can be included.


Many process cooling and heating systems require integration into the manufacturing process control systems, customization to the plant’s standard equipment list and specialized control strategies to operate the process equipment. Systecon offers solutions to industries such as automotive, consumer products, pharmaceutical, plastics manufacturing, semiconductor fabrication and numerous others. Systecon can customize a system to include components specific to an industrial process. This may include stainless steel piping, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate and frame heat exchangers, electrical equipment with various voltage supplies and custom control sequences.