Modular HVAC Solutions

Systecon is a manufacturer of:

Modular Central Plants including:

  • Chiller Plants
  • Hot Water Boiler Plants
  • Steam Boiler Plants
  • Cogeneration Plants

CritiChill® Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Custom Modular Pumping Systems including VariPrime® 

Virtual TourModular Pumping SystemModular Pumping SystemModular Central Utility PlantModular Chiller PlantCritiChill - Modular Indirect Evaporative CoolingModular Chiller PlantModular Pumping System with Enclosure

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Modular Pumping System

Modular Pumping System

Modular Central Utility Plant

Modular Chiller Plant

CritiChill - Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling

Modular Chiller Plant

Modular Pumping System with Enclosure

Optimize, Manufacture, Performance Test

Systecon manufactures custom modular HVAC solutions for customers including owners, consulting engineers and contractors. Systecon provides customers with concept layouts, complete product design documentation and witness performance testing for their projects. Manufacturing in a factory environment limits risk, shortens project schedule and improves quality when compared to traditional field constructed systems.

We take great pride in the quality of the systems we manufacture and the value that provides our customers. 
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Systecon is active in the data center/mission critical, education, entertainment, government, health care and industrial marketplaces. As a custom manufacturer, Systecon can meet project specifications for each market including redundancy, controls, footprint and service requirements. 

Modular Central Plants

Modular Central Plants

Modular central plants may consist of chillers, boilers, generators, cooling towers, heat exchangers, pumps and controls. Plants can be designed for indoor applications or include an enclosure for outdoor installation.

Indirect Evaporative Cooling

CritiChillŽ Modular Indirect Evaporative Cooling

CritiChill® utilizes evaporative cooling technology and integrated pre/free cooling to improve operating performance when compared to traditional air-cooled chillers.

Standard Pumping Systems

Systecon Standard Packages

Systecon Standard Packages are pre-engineered modular pumping solutions. Each module may be selected as a constant speed, variable speed or variable primary. Then, project specific system flow and pressure are entered. A project proposal and drawing will be created from the input data.